Let Your Kids Bee-come More With The Montessori Climbing Arch

Let Your Kids Bee-come More With The Montessori Climbing Arch

Let Your Kids Bee-come More With The Montessori Climbing Arch

Get Ahead Of The Curve With Beesy Toys

Every parent wants the best for their kids. But in a world where there are so many education and development options for how your children should be taught and what you should give them to learn, moms and dads are feeling really overwhelmed. Which educational method is better? Which toys will really empower them? Are we doing everything we can to make sure they develop properly in every way? With all of these questions buzzing around in your head, it can be difficult to know what the right decision is.

That’s why we at Beesy Toys have focused our attention on creating and supplying tried-and-tested Montessori toys in the US which have stood the test of time, delivering all the results you’re looking for. We stock an entire range of chemical-free, sustainable toys that have been perfectly designed to stimulate and support your kid in their unique learning journey. All of our toys are made with the Montessori approach to education in mind, so before we say anything more about buying the Montessori Climbing Arch in the US, it’s important to understand this tradition and why it’s great for your child’s development!

What Is The Montessori Approach?

The Montessori method has definitely received a bad rep, with most people thinking it’s an educational approach that’s sure to turn their kids into high school dropouts who can’t handle any structure or discipline. But, if you really understand what the Montessori method is all about, you’ll see that this opinion is far from the truth.
About a century ago, Italian physician, Dr. Maria Montessori, developed a different way of educating children that focused more on developing creativity, independence, and self-motivated learning. The idea behind this new approach was that children should be given a greater role in guiding their own education as this would help them develop the autonomy and curiosity that would lead to more fully rounded individuals.
Montessori educators believe that kids should be given the space to actively participate in their own cognitive, social, emotional, and physical learning, rather than being limited by strict structures and the physical force that comes with applying rigorous discipline. And when the Montessori method is competently implemented, it quickly becomes obvious that kids love the freedom and creativity that allows them to become their own little people.

How Will The Montessori Climbing Arch Turn Your Kid Into A Busy Bee?

This alternative approach to education requires tools and toys that have been created within the same spirit, giving kids enough freedom and all the options they need to develop. At Beesy Toys, we specialize in the development of an entire range of toys that are chemical-free, sustainable, and specifically designed to offer your kids the learning opportunities they naturally crave.

When you buy the Montessori Climbing Arch in the US, you are investing in one of our most popular toys. It gives kids all the space they need to explore their bodies and develop motor skills on their own, with the following central features:
  • Compact Design – You won’t need a lot of space for this toy since it’s small enough to fit into almost any room. This also makes it perfect for kids at very different stages of their climbing journey as it’s suitable for babies and toddlers.
  • Developmentally Safe – While your kid needs the freedom to explore, you also don’t want them to lack the support they need to feel safe in doing so. The Montessori Climbing Arch gives kids enough range to challenge themselves without risking their wellbeing. There’s no risk of them getting stuck or climbing so high that they can’t get down.
  • Brilliant For Babees – It’s really nerve-racking to let your little one start their physical development because this often means you have to let them take risks and make mistakes. But with the Montessori Climbing Arch, you have a toy that really empowers babies to test their limits safely. There are rails they can use to pull themselves up, coupled with carefully placed handholds that give them the support they need to keep trying.
  • Develop More Muscle & Spatial Awareness – In terms of physical development, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything as effective as the Montessori Climbing Arch. This bad boy is specifically designed to support your kids’ muscle development and helps them become more spatially aware so they learn physical competence faster.
  • Phenomenal Fun For Everyone – You will quickly be able to tell that both babies and toddlers have a blast when they’re being left to their own devices on the Montessori Climbing Arch. The design actively stimulates them in countless ways, and you can look forward to non-stop smiles, laughter, and squeals of delight while they play.


Buy Your Own Montessori Climbing Arch & Bee The Best Parent

With this expertly designed and completely safe toy, you have the unique opportunity to start developing your kid’s creativity and autonomy from a very young age. And we all know how important these early life experiences are for your child’s confidence and competence later in life.

 The Montessori Climbing Arch offers everything your baby or toddler needs to develop themselves physically by creating a fun, engaging experience the entire time they’re using it. Now, you can have the peace of mind that comes with choosing the best learning approach for your kid as this toy has been tried and tested enough to be a clear winner. Fast-track your child’s development by giving them the freedom to explore their physical environment so that they can both take risks while also being fully supported so they won’t hurt themselves.

 The Montessori Climbing Arch is now going for only $159 and comes in a small or standard size to suit the developmental stage your little one is currently in. It comes in a wide range of colors to delight your child even more and is completely chemical-free so that you know your baby or toddler will always be 100% safe.

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