Our Story

About us

The most creative beings around us are children. Come what may, they’ll still know how to teleport themselves to places not known or seen by any. See the world through their lens, and you’ll never find a reason to be unhappy. It is our love to preserve their cute fantasy world that gave birth to our venture - BeesyToys.

We believe that children are the future saviors of this wrecked world. However, our purpose is not limited to just serving happiness to children. We also strive to preserve this planet for its future to come.

Buying quality wooden toys has never been easier

Toys should not only be a source of entertainment and a relief from hard early parenthood but also should air learning. Hence, we help parents find quality products that would encourage their children’s development in a sustainable way.

We strive to bring change for the kids

As suggested earlier, we wish to change the way toys are curated around the world. For parents, it is a constant struggle to find toys that are harmless for use by their children. We wish to spare the parents the pain of hunting the right product for the early learning years of their kid.